the petro-sonde
Figure 1: The Petro-Sonde and recording device are shipped in a hardcase for easy use in the field.

The Petro-Sonde Technology

The heart of the company is a proprietary technology called the Petro-Sonde, patented in 1987 and used all over the world by Governments, Oil companies, Mining companies and Hydrology companies, to name just a few. The final product is similar to an electric log used by the oil & gas industry to create a “picture” of what is occurring down to depths of 40,000 feet. What makes our technology special is that it requires no drilling, no signal injection, no impact to the environment and the data collection can be done by a single individual in virtually all environments, normally within a few hours.

We specialize in providing optimal water well drill sites for everyone from the wine vineyards in California to the “baby carrot” farms in the desert. Airports worldwide are using our technology to delineate the size and shape of contaminate plumes within freshwater underground aquifers, due to leaking fuel tanks, saving them many thousands of dollars in drilling expenses.


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